Part 7 Decision tree regression or classification using python


In the previous post, we learnt about Support vector regression. In this post, we will see a new way of deciphering information using a simple format of traversing conditions. Business Goal: Can you s...


Part 6 Support Vector Regression


Business Goal: As an owner of MuShu Bike Rental CO. in New York. I want to know how many bicycles will be rented on any given day based on daily temperature, humidity and wind speed. Can you help MuSh...


Part 5 Machine Learning Backward Elimination


In the previous post, we learnt about multiple linear regression. The problem with the last approach was that we used all the features without considering that some of the features may not be impactin...


Part 4 Machine Learning Multiple Regression


In the previous post, we learnt about a P-Value, a prerequisite for learning Multiple Linear Regression. Business Problem: In this series, we will take a look at a dataset of 50 startup companies. A v...


Part 3 Machine Learning Understanding P Value


In the previous post, we learnt about Simple Linear regression. I wanted to start this section with multiple linear regression tutorial but as I was going over the content on the template to run creat...


Part 2 Machine Learning Simplelinear Regression


In the previous post we learned about data pre-processing. In this post we will review the simplest algorithm - Simple Linear Regression. Business Problem: In this series, we are going to learn about ...


Part 1 Machine Learning Data Preprocessing


This is the first of many series on machine learning. Get the Dataset Download the following zip files Jupyter Notebook & images Data Unzip the folder and copy Files and Data under folder locat...

Spring Bean vs Spring Component


The Difference Between @Bean and @Component and When to Use What? This is the most common question that new as well as experienced Spring users get confused about. There are literally hundreds of ques...

Scala: Tail Recursion


Tail recursion is a basic but important concept in Functional programming. Recursive functions has always been a pain point for me. I would be eliminated out of several interview rounds if interviewer...