How to post parameters to a url using Ajax/Javascript between two website

2013-05-15 530 words 3 mins read

I am working a new project and I recently ran into an interesting problem. One of the web site that I keep up at work was supposed to take the user to another website which required me to add post parameters.

EX – ==> Collects Billing information ex – name, amount, address etc.==> Post this information to

I did not realize the problem until I started coding and my colleague pointed out that as soon as goes to my servlet, the servlet will not pass params to external web site if use “POST”, I had to use “GET” because servlet will look up relative path only and the HTTPServletRequest/Response object is specific to an application. So if I wanted to send parameters using servlet I could only that using action = GET. Now since I was passing sensitive information so I did not want to use GET.

A couple of solutions were discussed as follows:

1. Insert the params in database and use servlet get from the to pass the primary key of the database. Ex – ==> The vendor application look up the required params from the database.

2. Create a new JSP and use JavaScript onLoad() to pass the params as Hidden Input and submit as post to

Ex –> Servlet==> New Blank JSP with Hidden params loaded on onLoad() and submitted to vendor website ==>

3. Third approach is interesting and I had not tried this ever but looked promising and this is what I eventually implemented. Make an Ajax call to from the JSP page to your servlet and when the Ajax Call returns, post it to vendor web site.

Ex – on hitting submit==> calls the JS, uses DWR to post to call the servlet==> Servlet does back ground processing like saving the records etc ==> Returns the control back to the JavaScript ==> Upon return in Ajax Call ==> Post to

I implemented the combination of one and three but here I am going to show you how post params to a different URL – i.e. solution 3

Let’s say I have a submit form with Name and address which needs to be saved in database when I submit the form and then I need to post the same information to different web site.








That’s It!

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