Setting up IMAP settings for hotmail account on Iphone and android

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Yes, there are still a few lost soul who still have a Hotmail account  and I am one of them :-).

I have used Iphone in the past and use an android phone now, however I always complained that I was not able to set up an IMAP account for Hotmail. I always had a POP3 account 🙁

What does IMAP and POP3 mean? – For beginner who do not understand what is IMAP and POP3, here’s a small description.

a) POP3 – is a one way email checking. When you setup account on your iPhone, android or Microsoft outlook or any other email client and you download an email on your phone or on your desktop, it just downloads a copy of that email. So when you hit delete or read an email on your phone or desktop, it does not affect the email in the Hotmail account. Now most of us use Iphone o android phone these days to check emails. Now when you delete the email on phone, you still need to login on your Hotmail account to really delete email. As result when I login to Hotmail account after a month, there are hundreds of emails which I deleted on my phone and I have to go through each email to make sure that I do not delete an important email.

b) IMAP – is a two-way email checking. When you read or delete and email on phone or any other email client such as OUTLOOK, the email is updated in your account as well. For example if you delete an email on your phone, it will be deleted from your account as well.

So here’s a run down of the process.


  1. Go to Settings – Mail, Contact, Calendars
  2. Click on Add Account…
  3. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  4. Fill in the fields shown (Leave domain blank and your login should be your email address)
  5. Click next and it will ask for server. Use
  6. Choose if you want your email, contacts or calendar synced.


  1. Open the Mail app.

  2. Hit the menu button > Add account

  3. Enter your hotmail e-mail address and password.

  4. Press Manual setup (don’t press Next!)

  5. For account, select Exchange.

  6. On the Server settings page, clear out the DomainUsername field and enter your hotmail address.

  7. Change the Server to (without the quotes).

  8. Keep the checkboxes the way they are (Use secure connection enabled, but don’t accept all SSL certificates)

  9. Press Next.

  10. Once the server settings are confirmed, you’ll be asked for how far back you’d like to sync your e-mail, contacts and calendars.


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