Rails: Jquery is not loading

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It’s been a while I have posted anything. I have been extremly busy and have been working on an extremely critical project where we were asked to become PCI 2.0 compliant. I worked on some interesting problems however today I will be discussing on something trivial and discuss my frustration about Rails. I have to admit that a number of times I thought I should just give up and start learning Python or stick to my forte i.e. Java. BUT Ruby/Rails has been a love hate relationship for me. Every few months I pick up Rails again and struggle fixing the set up before I can start working on my website.

So a couple of months back my wife complained that she is not using her website to update client’s picture because there is no client login and the if she upload their album, the album is visible to everyone. So I fixed that and deployed the application. No issues.

So two months later about a week ago, I checked again with her and like all nagging wife she complained that she is still not using it because she cannot upload multiple images. So like a dutiful husband I set out to set up rails on my new mac and begin coding however my production branch was not working fine. I was seeing issue with flexslider and found that non of my images were not showing up and Rails complained that JQuery was not defined. I tried everything but I could not make it work.

So if you have been issues with JQuery make sure that you have checked these things:

  1. Your gem file should have this line.

   gem ‘jquery-rails’

gem “flexslider”  — This if you are using flexslider

  1. In your application.js, make sure that you have defined jquery and the most important thing …… notice the sequence.

//= require jquery_ujs

//= require jquery

//= require flexslider

//= require_tree .

My sequence was incorrect and I had defined juqery before jquery_ujs which was throwing error in my application.

Hope this post helps.





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