Installing Rails on Mac OSX
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I struggled a lot doing this on my mac. I prepared steps and notes while I was upgrading. here are the steps for mac osx. This works for Mac OSX 10.6+ ============ Section 1 ================= Install and update Ruby 1.9 on MAC OSX Snow leopard 10.6.5 Install RVM Installation instruction: – In Treminal Run the following command: bash < <( curl … all-latest ) – type in terminal: version=$(curl http://rvm.

Setting up IMAP settings for hotmail account on Iphone and android
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Yes, there are still a few lost soul who still have a Hotmail account and I am one of them :-). I have used Iphone in the past and use an android phone now, however I always complained that I was not able to set up an IMAP account for Hotmail. I always had a POP3 account 🙁 What does IMAP and POP3 mean? – For beginner who do not understand what is IMAP and POP3, here’s a small description.

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CAUTION: Please excuse the diction/grammar/spelling. It’s 3 AM and I am in a hurry to sleep as I need to drop my friends to airport in exactly 4 hrs. So I was trying to set up this new application for my wife. I was using galleria plugin to show a slide like image. Everything was working fine in development so I decided to see how it would look like in production environment if it was deployed in a cloud or virtual server.